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My name is Mike Schurko, I’m a Dad of 2 incredible boys Beck and Trace ages 8 and 5. I’ve been a full-time professional voice actor working from home for over 12 years. I’m the co-founder of TheVoiceOverSchool.com and proud founder of Affirmative Breathwork.

I believe that by facing our fears and moving through stress and anxiety, we can connect to our inner strengths. We don’t have to allow the weight of the “human experience” to hold us back. 

My mission and purpose with Affirmative Breathwork, is to help awaken people to their inner potential, so they can live with more joy, happiness, and creativity.

how I got here


I first got into breathwork during one of the toughest times in my life. I was bordering on a separation with my wife of over 7 years at the time. I felt trapped, like I had no voice in my own life. I had a successful career, but I felt like I wasn’t sharing my gifts and capacities in a way that I could and felt urged to do so.

My wife had randomly signed up for a Breathwork class, and while she had mixed feelings about the class and the practice, she suggested I go to one and see what I thought. After my very first experience in the class, I couldn’t believe that this kind of practice was available to me just by breathing! I needed to learn more about it, practice it more and very soon after I felt the need to share it with others.

Since then, Breathwork has had a massive impact on my life. Not only do I now have a tool to ground myself, clear my mind and connect to a greater energy and intuition within, I also had several realizations and breakthroughs regarding my emotional and psychological history. Insights that would have taken hours and hours of spoken therapy, realized so fully and completely with no words and just the breath.

I created Affirmative Breathwork because I felt the need to share this practice with as many people as I could and curate the classes to fit the lives of striving entrepreneurs, and those seeking self-clarity, stress relief, wellness and connection to life.

What makes these classes unique to any others is the curated musical playlists, the supportive Affirmative theme of the verbal guidance, the followup gratitude practice and meditation, as well as the community that’s building around it all.

I want to share Breathwork with people because I’ve seen its impacts in my own life and now the lives of hundreds of students! Breathwork is a built-in human super-power that you can tap into at a time that allows you the mental space to intentionally create the life of your dreams!

Plus is great for immune system and nervous system health as well!

So. Many. Benefits!

“Insights that would have taken hours and hours of spoken therapy, realized so fully and completely with no words and just the breath.”

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Personal Highlights


2 Years Teaching and Practicing BreathWork


400 Hours of Meditation


Almost 4 Years Sober

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