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I’m Back Home! Let’s Make it Happen! How’s your relationship with money?

Good afternoon!  How are you this fine friday?  It feels like a Friday of fun, freedom, fear flushing and fulfilment!  I’m back home in Vancouver after having been gone due to rig work (away 38 of the last 42 days).  It’s been tough, but I feel strong and excited to have had that opportunity out there and now a chance to grow and build back home.  I’ve just completed another 10 days in the position of A.D. (assistant driller…see last post) and I am way more comfortable behind the wheel of that loader, now that I’ve faced the fear and learned to do it anyway, I’m looking at ways to get better, become more efficient and smoother.  Now that I’m home however, I’m going to have my hands on the steering wheel of my video camera instead of a loader, as my Fiancee Amanda and myself have been hired to complete a few video projects.  I’m very excited to see what we will create over these next few weeks.

So how have your 2011 resolutions been treating you?  Or how have you been treating them?  Have they changed?  Have you changed?  Or have you dropped them all in hopes for 2012? lol.  A lot of people I know have made a resolution to earn more money or to be smarter with their money.  One thing I notice though from time to time is when discussing money when them, and the topic of someone who makes A LOT more money than them, or about the potential to win the lottery comes up, I can learn about their relationship with money.  Many people have a negative association with money or with people who have lots of it.  I do agree that when greed is involved, and nothing else matters but the money, and people get used or hurt on the path to money…which unfortunately does happen in our society, puts a very negative angle on having lots of money.  So when the association that; you are greedy when you have lots of money, is created…most of us don’t want to be greedy so there for we subconsciously push away opportunities to earn more, have more or keep more.

We have to release those negative associations which are fed to us by the media and even passed down through the family, and realize that we don’t have to use people to get money, but we can use money and love people.

It’s amazing how a tweek in your perception, can affect your relationships so much.  But as always, awareness is the first step.  So try this exercise (as always, answer what you truly feel is right to you);

Write on a piece of paper-

1. I think money is…

2. I think money is…

3. I think wealth is…

4. I think wealth is…

5. I think rich people are…

6. I think rich people are…

Review your answers and see what you really do feel about money.  Try to avoid writing answers like, “awesome”, or “sweet”, but more detailed in regards to earning it, keeping it, what you’ve been told about it, something with more depth than one word adjectives.

I’ll share a few more exercises like this in the future if you’re interested.  I did this same exercise almost a year ago now and I learned a lot about myself and my relationship to money.  Please let me know how it went for you!

Okay, so that’s it for today.  Have an amazing weekend, try out this little exercise and lets grow together and make this our best year ever!  Another one of my resolutions for the year is to get in the best shape of my life, so I’ll be discussing more fitness topics in the near future, and plan to have my first podcast published by the end of January.  Thanks for your time, I know it’s valuable, so I hope you enjoyed our discussion!  Take care, and I’ll talk to ya soon!

Happy New Year! Now, time to face the fear!

Good morning! How are you today? I officially welcome you into the new year as this is my first blog of 2011! I did make a resolution to blog more, so here we are! How was your new years? At the stroke of midnight, I proposed to Amanda, my girlfriend of 4 years. She said yes, and I was thrilled! We plan to get married on new years eve this year too, so the planning must begin sooner than later, but I’ll keep you up to date on that! : )

So now that the new year is upon us, what have you done in regards to your new years resolutions?  I believe that in order to achieve something that you’ve never done before, you must do something that you’ve never done before.  Often times, this situation can cause discomfort and fear.  I know that fear and discomfort are something we all like to avoid, but if you wish to grow and develop and evolve, you must face that fear…and do it anyway!  Please allow me to share with you my latest fear that I’ve faced;

On the oil rig where I’ve been working the last 2 months, I received the opportunity of filling the roll of an assistant driller.  An Assistant Driller, (or an A.D.)’s primary duty is to run a loader.

With this massive machine, I have the duty of moving tubulars and scooping shale which are the cuttings from underground that are circulated up during drilling.  With barely any experience (but with proper training), I was given this responsibility.

I was excited, and of course nervous of my new found duties, but it was an amazing blessing in disguise.  I knew that it would be a challenge, and I was very uncomfortable…even fearful, but within a few days of working as an A.D., I was cruising that big Cat around that lease like a pro.  I was actually able to experience the growth and the overcoming of fear as it happened, and it was such an amazing feeling!

I was able to maintain my positive mental attitude, even in the face of a challenge.

So the next time you’re faced with a challenge, or discomfort ,or a fear involving trying something new that could expand and develop old, or new abilities…be aware of it, and truly appreciate the situation and believe in yourself as you grow!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I wish you all the best this year!  Lets have an amazing year of personal growth and development!  Happy thursday, and we’ll talk soon! : )

(ya there’s lots of exclamation marks…I’m just really excited!)

Holiday giving, for the right reasons.

Hello, hello, hello!  How are you doing this morning?  I hope everything is going well in your world!  I’ve been working hard out here in Alberta, and plan on continuing to do so, as long as it works out for our schedule.  Until then, I will continue to bounce thoughts and ideas off of you and we can just keep working towards all of goals and dreams!

Well, as we know the holiday season is upon us, and there is a feeling in the air.  This is how I have experienced “that” feeling; right off the bat, my family and friends all agree on not spending any money on each other, or at least a limited amount per person, and then all of that goes right out the window the second I go into that store and hear the music, see the lights and the fun stuff.

I definitely love to give to others, especially my friends, family and loved ones, but what tends to happen is that this “feeling” leads people to over spending.  This is a problem.  It becomes a problem when you begin to spend beyond your means, and create debt.  Think about it, are you really doing anyone a favor by buying gifts for people on credit?  A great principle to live by is to have interest work for you, not against you.  So before you reach for that credit card, consider this;

1. Give what you’re able to, if you’re able to.

Make sure that you have a “give” account involved with your money management system, so that you do have money available to spend on others and not have to worry about incurring debt to give.  If you don’t have a money management system, check out this one.  If you don’t have money in the account to spend on gifts, then you’ll have to consider alternatives to buying your gifts.

2. Consider a homemade solution to a gift.

There is a lot of appreciation and love shown in a gift that you created yourself.  Check out with Amanda did for homemade christmas gifts.

Just remember that this is a time for joy, friends, family and fun!  Let’s all enjoy it, share the love and make some memories!  Let’s make sure the only red we see is from the hanging lights, not in our bank accounts! : )

Take care everyone!

What value do you give your time?

Hello everyone!  What an amazing week this has been hey?  We’re getting into the holiday season, thinking about family and friends and loved ones, and hopefully most if not all of you, get a whole bunch of time off work to just relax and enjoy each others company.  It seems to be a hot commodity…our time, the time that we spend of our relatively short lives.  How do you spend your time?  When I hear, “spend your time”, i think of money.  How do you spend both time and money?  Do you spend it on valueless past times, or useless toys you don’t need, or do you invest your time and invest your money to build on, and make the most of what you have?

I truly believe that time is the absolute most highest valued thing that we have to offer or experience as humans, next to our safety and health.  My idea of true wealth is to have the ability to do whatever we want with whomever we want when ever we want, but in our current situation of society, we have to earn money to pay for our necessities.  So adding to what I talked about last post regarding work / money association, as important as it is to, “make a living” in our society, it is also very important to invest your time as wisely into building a living (instead of just making it) so that you can enjoy as much of that time as you can.  So how can we do this?  I like to use time management.

Just like your finances, it is a great idea to manage your time, so that you can be as efficient with your time as possible and get the most from your time.  Not to the extent of micro managing time, but, plan when you work, work hard, and then plan and make sure you have the time to invest your time into yourself, your friends and your family, your passion, relaxation, or whatever you want to do, that can make you feel as though you’re growing and developing to the next level of self fulfillment. My favorite way to manage my time is through a day planner.

Amanda and I recently bought new day planners, and I love them!  Every day before I go to bed, I plan out what I want to get accomplished, and what needs to get done.  I love planners and lists, then I know I’m getting everything accomplished that I need to, and that I can remember at the time :)

So really put some thought into how you spend your time, do you invest it, or do you waste it?  Evaluate the importance of the things you spend your time on, are they investments, or expenses?  Our time in this consciousness is short, so I’ll I’m saying is that if you plan out your time in order to completed needed tasks of day to day life or continual self-development, then you can spend your time doing things you truly love.  Yes there are goals to be set and accomplished, dreams turned into goals and on-going evolution and development so that you become that person that you want to become, but life is also there to be enjoyed, so enjoy!

What is your favorite form of time management?  Have a great thursday!

time management

Work and Money Association

Good Morning!!  It’s Monday, my favorite day of the week.  After a nice, and hopefully relaxing weekend, Monday comes roaring in, on fire, the first day of the week, the time when the community comes alive.  I LOVE IT!  Mind you, I’ve been working 7 – 12 hour night shifts, one day off and then 7 day shifts so it’s a bit different but I still feel the energy of an amazing Monday morning!

Anyway, I was thinking about my connection with money, and what I associate with it, and how it’s affecting my life.  Through my experiences, I’ve realized that a lot of people associate pain, discomfort and a feeling of being trapped with their jobs.  So how do you think these people feel about their money?  Do you think they feel good about their money, spending it, or thinking about earning more?  I honestly hate hearing about people getting upset or stressed because of their jobs.  Life is so short, why should you worry about some one else’s issues.  Yes, I understand that lots of people take their jobs very seriously, or are self employed or really enjoy your job, but I believe there should be separation between what you do to “earn a living” in this social setting and your self evolution and fulfillment.  But Mike, don’t you want to be a life coach and “make a living” doing it?  Let me explain.

I think money is not something that should be a primary motivation of your actions.  Lifes’ journey does not end when you’ve made “enough” money.  I believe that you need to pursue your passions with passion, and money is simply a physical byproduct of a self fulfilling life.  If you’re doing what you truly love to do and stop simply working to pay the bills, (which can lead to a cycle which can eat up so much valuable time in your life) you will lead a much more enjoyable life, and the more you grow and develop yourself and your passions, the money and the energy will flow.

Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate having the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions about these amazing lives of ours.  Please do me a favor today and make sure you smile today (at least once :) lol), hold a door for someone, and remind a co-worker that they are doing a good job!  Have an amazing Monday and we’ll talk soon!

Do you follow your heart?

Happy Thursday morning everyone! The weekend is almost here! My first week out on the rig has absolutely flown by. Starting days today for 7 days, and maybe home for a week, or maybe staying on for my week off…time will tell as usual.

I was thinking about why I am doing what I’m doing right now, and how I feel about it. One of the first thoughts that came to my mind when I even thought about coming back to the rigs is everyone thinking, “oh Mikey went back to the rig…he must have failed at what he was doing.”  I actually felt some anxiety about this thought, which is merely energy, it does not exist, so I was able to let that go and focus on the positive reasons why I chose to come out here. I then wondered, how many people actually make decisions based on what other people think of their decisions. This renders your wisdom, and heart useless because you’re not living the life that is meant for you, you are living a life that is being influenced by the people around you, therefore, potentially not as fulfilling as it could be.

Of course there are mentors and master mind groups which you can always bounce ideas off of, and grow knowledge from, but if you think about your life…how have you based your decisions? Are they influenced from your parents, relatives, friends? Do you really feel that all of your choices, have been what you really want?

This is a short post today, but I really want to make you think, and get this point across; I believe in universal wisdom, infinite intellect if you will, and even if you don’t think you know how to react to a certain situation, believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself because the answers will come. The answer could come in the form of an inspiration to ask someone specifically, or even advice given by chance. My point is, is that you should always listen to your heart, and as long as you’re not harming anyone or anything else, you should make your decisions based on what you true feel you want…not because someone else will think it’s a good choice, or a bad choice.

Thank you so much for your time! I wish you all the best, and always know that you are the miracle of birth and you deserve to live a magical life!

Here are more pictures of my from the rig;

The Power of Struggle.

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!  I’ve been in Saskatchewan for nearly a week now, and wanted to talk to you about something I’m going through these days.

Have you every thought about why we have struggle in our lives?  If it’s so uncomfortable, what’s the point of even going through it?  Well consider this;

In order to create strong and lean muscles, what do you have to do?  You have to physically lift, push or pull an object to a point of discomfort (not pain…ensure you use proper techniques).  When do you make the biggest impact on your muscles?…when you’ve lifted this object and you’ve fatigued your muscles…you do it again!  Then after more and more reps at the same weight, the struggle in lifting it becomes easier, then you can challenge yourself at a higher weight or more reps.

The same way in life, if you don’t challenge yourself, how do you expect to grow?  Practice flexing those muscles, and it will get easier and easier to lift your dreams to the sky and make them reality.

For example, I have decided to come out to Saskatchewan to work on the oil rigs for a few months.  Yes, I could have easily stayed at home and been fine, because I have made a choice to take my passion career and run with it full time, although, right now happens to be a slower time for my niche market job, wedding videos.  So I decided to hit the rigs to struggle now so I can grow in a different way than I currently have been.  I know there are several ways to try something like this, say for example you have a “9-5″ job, instead of just working your 9-5, try pursuing a passion of yours as a part time job (if you aren’t already passionate about your 9-5) so that you can do something you really love, and still be able to afford to pay the bills.

Now you may ask me, Mike…why should I bother struggling at all?  Well here’s a quote that illistrates my point;

I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”
~Muhammad Ali

My dream of being a “Champion”, is to be financially free, to beat the money game, and to do it in ways that I love and am passionate about.  I want to be able to spend my time doing what I want, when I want, with whomever I’d like to, but at a lifestyle that is very comfortable but still manageable.

So what positive struggles have you been through lately, that grow you as a person, and challenge and push you to achieve your goals?  Thanks for reading, have an amazing week!!

Really quick, here is my wedding video demo I have created from my first season of weddings, and also here is a song that I wrote about the rigs;

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Dealing with Self-Sabotage

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope you’ve had an excellent start to your week!  What a great day to get inspired.  I’m writing this blog from Saskatchewan, which I’ll talk to you more about later this week.  Check out a few pictures from my window in the plane!

I’m very excited about todays post, so lets get started!

Today I’d like to discuss self-sabotage with you.  Now, what is self-sabotage?  Basically, it’s when you’re cruising along fine, growing in to the person you need to become , in order to achieve your goals…then you start feeling a bit uncomfortable, because you’re not used to this new-and-improved you, and all of a sudden, your sub-conscience comes along, and pulls you back down to the level that you’re most comfortable at, which unfortunately often times…is not where you wish to be. So, why does your sub conscience pull you back?  Simple…it’s your current Conditioning.

The Conditioning you exude, is based on the learning’s of your sub conscience over the years.  Whether you picked up a simple trait like;  I always brush my teeth with 55 strokes,  because my mom told me that’s all I need, or a trait that is much more serious in regards to your prosperity like; rich people are assholes, you have to work hard your whole life, or only poor people have true character.  All of these conditioning’s have been programmed into your mind, and will always create your default reaction, which leads ultimately to making you feel as comfortable as possible with what you already know and where you’ve already been…which, when you’re trying to grow, is a bad thing.  BUT, have no fear! Because you have the ability to recondition yourself!

Lets face it, you are where you are because of what you’re currently doing.  If you go through life doing the same things, and expecting different results, people, including yourself, will start to think you are crazy!  If you want to be at a different level than what you’re at, you’re going to have to change how you react in different situations.  Through processes such as reciting affirmations,  forming structures to build new positive habits, or having a mentor to help guide you into making choices and taking actions that work positively for you, you can train your sub conscience to react in default, in a way that is supportive of your current goals.

Now in a growth situation, it is unrealistic to believe that you can exponentially grow and grow and grow and never have a “pull back” or a “backslide” as I’ve known it as.  There will always be ups and down on the path of life, you simply have to be aware of when you enter this “backslide” zone, and have a plan for when it happens, so that you can minimize the pause in personal evolution.  Maybe a certain visualization, or meditation or re-writing your goals out and getting excited and re-energized about them, or whatever it takes to get you back on course.  Learn what works for you, and test it, and improve on it.  Backslides happen, but the less time you spend sliding back to your old ways, and the more time you spend growing and developing and improving, ultimately you will achieve success!

Training your sub-conscience will be one of the hardest things you do in your life, but, it will lead to the biggest changes and improvements in your un-conscience world.  How do you change it?  Small, simple, daily steps, matched with awareness, consistency and persistence.  That’s it.  Be aware of the little things; unnecessary spending, drinking and eating too much of the unhealthy things, basically succumbing to instant gratification.  Or even choosing to spend your time with people who are not supportive and empowering to you.  Mentoring I think is huge, because it can be hard to make a choice when all you have is your own experience to base it upon, and it’s easy to let your mind run wild with un-supportive and stressful self-talk.

If you take only 1 thing out of this entire post, I want you to realize that you are an amazing person.  Even if people around you are constantly negative, and pick apart your decisions and actions, just believe in yourself.  They’re simply reacting from their conditioning, lack of self-confidence and probably envy because you’re taking a risk, taking a chance, believing in yourself and making things happen in your life!  If you’re following your passion with passion, you will succeed.  Yes there will be ups and downs along the way, but that only ads to the story of your amazing lives.  Everyone is different, trust yourself and keep on going,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.  I am constantly working on improving my writing abilities to help you to get more out of the topics.  If you could improve one thing about my blog, what would you suggest? Would you enjoy audio blogs?  Shorter or long blogs?  I always appreciate the feedback, and feel free to comment publicly below, or send me an email.  Thanks so much, and continue having an amazing weekend!