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What a Weekend – First Weekend of the Summer!

Hey there!  How was your weekend?  I hope you’ve really had a chance to enjoy these last couple days.  I’ve had a really full weekend consisting of hockey, hiking and brainstorming!

It all started out on Friday night with a roller hockey game, ever since I started roller hockey last year I’ve absolutely fell in love with it.  Here is a video of me rockin the roller blades early in the season…

Thanks to the absolutely amazing guys that adopted me onto their team and really create an amazing, competitive, fun and supportive atmosphere!  We’re drawing near the end of the season and we’ve been on a 5 game win-streak so we’ll see how that plays out into the playoffs.

Then Saturday night was yet again another amazing round of roller hockey in the VIHL.  This time however was a different night…we were extremely short benched (only 2 people on the bench to relieve the 4 playing and our goalie), and we were playing the #1 ranked team in the league that night and something magical happened to me.  Up till Saturday night I had 3 goals on the whole season, and with an explosion I was able to find the twine 4 times thanks to the amazing skill and energy of my team, and my being at the right person at place at the right time…check out this score sheet!

An amazing night to remember that’s for sure!

Then came today, where my friend Rick and I headed downtown Vancouver to join a group of guys who play ball hockey every Sunday, and have been for the last 7 or 8 years I believe.  Awesome group of guys, and had an absolute blast once again!

Finally tonight, as we prepare for an amazing week ahead, we recently received the brand new yet to be released Stormtech Fall 2011 catalog, as we’re brainstorming for the next batch of videos to make…and check out page #2…

I feel so blessed for the opportunities I’ve received to work with Stormtech over the past little while, and I’m excited about all of the pending projects on the horizon!

Finally, Amanda and I went for a walk and went for a little exploration walk in Port Moody…and of course, Amanda sees the biggest hill in the area and says lets hike it.  After an amazing and quite vertical hike which we’ve dubbed the Port Moody Grind, we had an absolutely breathtaking view to take in…

I tried my best to make a panoramic collage using my blackberry…

Okay, well I wish you a restful and relaxing rest of your evening…feel free to join me tomorrow morning with Mike in the Morning, as we discuss the topic of beliefs…a really amazing and impactful topic of conversation that I would love you to be a part of!

Take care, keep in touch, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Inspired thoughts drive inspired actions!

Hello there! How is your Thursday going?

I’m enjoying an amazing day of clean up, organizing and finishing off to-do’s that have been lingering on my list for quite some time now! Feels good to get things finished and making room for more awesome to-do’s!

I was supposed to go to Cypress Mountain today with a friend to do some filming of these amazing mountain bikers, but it ended up being quite cloudy and rainy…so we rescheduled the shoot for next week in hopes for some sun! I’m really looking forward to this shoot because I’ve never really been a part of anything like this…using hot off the press POV (point of view) cameras which are being used to shoot in 3D!! As well as the fact that I get to film some world class mountain bikers in some of the most amazing outdoors that Canada has to offer! To show you an example of what I’ll be doing, here is the last video they shot together;

Very cool stuff! I’m excited to get involved!

Now, about a month ago now, actually a month ago to the day, I did a Mike in the Morning podcast on Inspired thought and taking action. In the podcast, (click here to listen to it) I told you about a travel case that I made for my new video camera, and wanted to show you what I was talking about;

Basically, it was about midnight, and I had a flight to Yellowknife early the next morning…and I needed a road case, so in about an hour, I took a razor and 2 blocks of foam, and Amanda‘s carry on suitcase (should have asked her first…oops, lol :) ) and after acting on inspired thought, I created this really cool road case!

Okay, well I hope you all have an awesome night tonight! Also, tomorrow is another Mike in the Morning day, so be sure to check back tomorrow for another episode! TALK SOON EVERYONE!

The big Stormtech video wrap up!

Hey there, how’s your week going so far? I haven’t text blogged in a while, but here I am, I’m going to be keeping you better up to date with what’s going on in my life, and right now, I wanted to share with you a few highlights from the Stormtech video project that we just completed, just to show you what and where we’ve been up to : )


1 – Andrea @ Lost Lagoon

2 – Me and Amanda @ Buntzen Lake

3 – Anthony @ Grouse Mountain

4 – Mark @ Lynn Canyon

5 – Me and Amanda @ Florida Everglades National Park

6 – Heather – 3rd Beach

7 – Brendan and Stephanie @ Kits Beach

8 – Chenier and Hannah @ Granville Island (including filming on our own private Aqua Bus!)

9 – Andrea @ a film set at an old insane asylum


I just wanted to thank everyone so much for being a part of this really cool project!  Thanks to Christine at Stormtech who believed in us to begin with…and I really look forward to what the future has in store!

Today is continued organizing and catch up for me, I got a chance to go down to Rogers Arena last night with some friends…it was a great time until the 2nd period got going…when the flood gates broke wide open on our Canucks.

It’s okay though, I can see the vision…Boston needed to feel good at home with a nice win…they got all their goals out of their system so now they won’t be scoring much in the rest of the series, and now the Canucks can win at home!!  At least I got 3 sweet playoff towels that you see flingin around at the home games!

Well, thanks for letting me share that with you, have an incredible Tuesday!  Get ready for another Mike in the Morning TOMORROW…first ever Wednesday episode and I’m really excited for that, so take care and I’ll talk to you soon!

How is your week going? Happy Wednesday!

Hello hello!  Happy Wednesday everyone! How the heck is your week going?  What’s new and exciting, and old and boring? : )

It’s been an exciting time here at Camp Mike and Amanda.  We’ve recently been confirmed as official Stormtech video hosts!  At least once a month, we’ll be participating in events, or travelling or heading up our own adventures in order to showcase Stormtech garments, and of course, we’re REALLY excited about that!

Also we’re heading to Bellingham for a business / shopping trip next week, and then I get to go back up to the great white north to visit my amazing and inspiring sister and brother (in-law).

The Fantastic 4 on the West Coast Trail

Best Friends helpin each other out on the WCT!

The BEST barber I've ever had! I NEED A HAIR CUT!!

The Trio of Trouble!

Recently, Amanda bought me a pass to a gym in Vancouver called Tactix. They focus a lot on boot camp style training, as well as more specific training for MMA fighters. Their specialty classes are; Crossfit, and Krav Maga, and I’ve been given the opportunity to take those 2 classes, back to back, UNLIMITED for a month! So I’ll let you know how that goes, 2 hours straight of butt kicking training will be good for me that’s for sure!

So all I ask of you today, is to keep the energy up!! Have an inspiring, passionate, fun filled week, keep in touch and be sure to come back on Friday for my 2nd per week podcast!


Mike Update!

Happy Sunday everyone!  How’s it going?  I’m feeling fantastic!!  A nice full day of work (I actually like to call it play!) and relaxation, voice a few scripts and then head to a friends place to watch the Superbowl.  Not sure what I’m more excited for, the game, or the commercials!  Not having a TV, it’s a novelty to watch commercials these days :)

I just wanted to share with you a few updates on what’s going on in my life right now;

Update # 1

Remember that Canucks video contest for BCAA that I entered a few months back?

Well the response to the video was tremendous!  Here are some comments found on Miss 604′s Blog; (click on the images to make them bigger)

In spite of getting one vote (my named pulled by FIN of the Canucks even!!), The win went to Jag, a super Canucks fan that I couldn’t even keep up with in terms of die-hardedness!

I was actually called in, and was asked to do some fill in work this month as the Booster Guy, but I couldn’t make it to all the of the games inclusively, so they asked someone else.  Reason why I won’t be available, is I’m heading back to Sask. to visit a new family member, and my first official nephew, Jasper Dale Sellers! Which is my Update #2

Such a handsome young man already, I’m looking forward to meeting him, and congratulating the Mom and Dad in person!

Update #3 – On Friday, Amanda and I went to Stormtech to discuss doing some video work for them.  Our first mission is to road test their brand new jacket, the H2Xtreme XBR-1.  Here is there show room.  I love Stormtech’s gear, and now I get to make videos about why I like the gear with my best friend Amanda!!

Update # 4 – Also, I’ve been in talks with the creator of regarding the potential of receiving life-coach training down in Florida!  Also, potentially working on some video content with them as well, very very exciting!! : )  Who knows, I may need to re-locate for a few years : )  I’d be cool with that!!  Be sure to check out, Amanda and myself listen to J.B. every morning for inspiration and new ideas.  He offers a free week membership to get a feel for it, definitely worth a look!

Update # 5 - Just this morning, I received confirmation that I will be voicing text for 12th grade physics classes in India.  Every week, I’ll have 5 to 6 modules to read in English, and I’m so proud because it’s my first re-occuring work I’ve ever got as a voice over talent.  Amanda has taught me well! : )

Update # 6 - Yesterday I was exercising in my apartment, and all of a sudden, the ball from my lip ring had popped out.  I had worn a ring or stud in my lip for nearly 6 years now, and was actually beginning to think it may be time to have an un-piecring party.  Well, the universe made up my mind for me, so if you don’t recognize me these days, it’s the lip ring!  You have no idea how excited my Aunties are now that its gone, for years they’ve threatened me with wire cutters and pliers etc…well now there dreams have come true! : )  I’m still shocked when I don’t feel it there, but I’m getting used to it, and I’m happy to enter a new chapter in my life!

Update # 7 – So I was initially informed that my brand new awesome HD camera would be in my hands early February, but I’ve been updated that it won’t be here until March now…so we’ll have to make do with the Rebel (which still shoots amazing HD video), but thank goodness February is the shortest month of the year!!

Update # 8 – Finally, tomorrow morning I will have a brand new Podcast on the topic of Comfort Zones, one of my favourite topics so please come back and check it out!

Thanks so much for your time, I really appreciate it!  Take care all, enjoy the rest of your Sunday, GO PACKERS (Lol) and I’ll see you all soon!!

The Power of Struggle.

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!  I’ve been in Saskatchewan for nearly a week now, and wanted to talk to you about something I’m going through these days.

Have you every thought about why we have struggle in our lives?  If it’s so uncomfortable, what’s the point of even going through it?  Well consider this;

In order to create strong and lean muscles, what do you have to do?  You have to physically lift, push or pull an object to a point of discomfort (not pain…ensure you use proper techniques).  When do you make the biggest impact on your muscles?…when you’ve lifted this object and you’ve fatigued your muscles…you do it again!  Then after more and more reps at the same weight, the struggle in lifting it becomes easier, then you can challenge yourself at a higher weight or more reps.

The same way in life, if you don’t challenge yourself, how do you expect to grow?  Practice flexing those muscles, and it will get easier and easier to lift your dreams to the sky and make them reality.

For example, I have decided to come out to Saskatchewan to work on the oil rigs for a few months.  Yes, I could have easily stayed at home and been fine, because I have made a choice to take my passion career and run with it full time, although, right now happens to be a slower time for my niche market job, wedding videos.  So I decided to hit the rigs to struggle now so I can grow in a different way than I currently have been.  I know there are several ways to try something like this, say for example you have a “9-5″ job, instead of just working your 9-5, try pursuing a passion of yours as a part time job (if you aren’t already passionate about your 9-5) so that you can do something you really love, and still be able to afford to pay the bills.

Now you may ask me, Mike…why should I bother struggling at all?  Well here’s a quote that illistrates my point;

I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”
~Muhammad Ali

My dream of being a “Champion”, is to be financially free, to beat the money game, and to do it in ways that I love and am passionate about.  I want to be able to spend my time doing what I want, when I want, with whomever I’d like to, but at a lifestyle that is very comfortable but still manageable.

So what positive struggles have you been through lately, that grow you as a person, and challenge and push you to achieve your goals?  Thanks for reading, have an amazing week!!

Really quick, here is my wedding video demo I have created from my first season of weddings, and also here is a song that I wrote about the rigs;

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Farewell Yellowknife! Thanks for the memories!

Hi there!

Well I’m back from the true north strong and free, and I’m fired up to push harder towards my goals than ever before.  I had an amazing time filming the guys at the barber shop, and hanging out with my sister.  It was a little snowier and colder than I had hoped, but all in all it was a great trip!  Here’s a few more pictures from the trip:

The Famous Yellowknife Shot

Another amazing shot of Yellowknife

Hiking Cameron falls with 3 warriors I hiked the West Coast Trail with!

Hiking at Cameron Falls

Cameron Falls

Filming at the Ragged Ass Barber shop!

Traces of Eve’s Yellowknife debut at the open mic night at Twist

Met an amazing local musician at the Black Knight Pub – Digawolf

Here is one of his songs;

Craig and James from the Ragged Ass Barber Shop signing up for Moustaches for kids.

Moustaches for Kids, is a charity for the kids special olympics.  Craig and James shaved their faces for the cause, and even though I’ve never been known as big facial hair guy, I’m going to see what I can do about growing a mean Tom Selik stash!  If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can click on the link below!

So unlike Craig who’s been labelled “bush man” several times, he can definitely grow a mean beard, but for the first time in 8 years he did it, but here I am after my shave.

I’ll keep you updated with the status of the stash!!

I hope everyone enjoys their thursday!  Talk to you very soon!

Now what am I grateful for? Me!

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you had an absolutely amazing weekend! What did you get up to? I enjoyed an art contest, a performance from the VOC gospel choir, and witnessed the Run for the Cure which Amanda ran in.  The basis of the Golden Brush Art competition was that, 5 teams of 3 well-established local artists, worked together to create a brand new collaborative piece of artwork which was also auctioned off the same night.  Team 5 ended up winning the contest.  I really enjoyed #4′s piece.  Which one do you like?

Empty canvas's before the contest.

Team #4 hard at work.

Team #5's Masterpiece at the first break.

Team #1 #2 and #3 (from right to left) at the half.

Team #4's masterpiece at the break.

Run for the cure start line in Vancouver.

Amanda finishing her run for the cure!

Amanda finishing her run for the cure!

After hearing the stories from a few speakers that had been diagnosed with cancer (and then defeated it) at the Run for the Cure event stage, I began to consider how blessed I truly am, to live in a very healthy, creative and able body. I don’t think we always appreciate that as much as we should. We are in fact the miracle of birth, and should do everything we can, to look after ourselves, in order to have the longest and most enjoyable and fulfilling life experience we possibly can! Here are some ways I try to look after myself;

1. Exercise Regularly

Keep your body running at optimum health so you can enjoy your day to day life!

2. Eat Healthy

Fuel your body with nutritional food to ensure you’re reaching your body’s maximum potential.

3. Increase Your Knowledge / Read

It’s important to learn something everyday, it’s the journey of life that’s makes the story, not just the beginning and end.

4. Drink Lots of Water

Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so continue to lubricate, cool and flush your body with water.

5. Laugh Often

Enjoy life!  Everything you do, should be joyful, otherwise…why are you doing it?  Hang out with friends, watch a funny movie and nurture a positive mental attitude.

6. Enjoy Nature

Look around you, it’s amazing where we live.  Check out what I saw while walking around  Lost Lagoon in Vancouver;

11 baby racoons feeding in Lost Lagoon.

7. Shut off the TV

You can be just as entertained outside, you can get a lot more accomplished, and you can save money too!

8. Limit Alcohol and Junk Food Intake

Yes, most things can be enjoyed within reasonable use, but excessive alcohol and junk food are just not good for your body.  Yes enjoy a drink and a plate of nachos, but remember that it should be kept to a minimum…also healthy for your budget!

8. Set Goals and Always Strive To Achieve Them

Again, life is a journey…build and experience the life that you truly want to.  Don’t be satisfied with “okay”, dream big dreams, set goals and always take action.  Life is short, enjoy it and make the most of our time in this life experience.

9. Maintain and Nourish Relationships

Remember to keep in touch with friends and family in your life.  Relationships can add a lot of excitement, joy, feedback, motivation and love to your life.  Nurture those relationships!

10. Have Fun!

Go out there, have some fun, raise some energy…do the things you’ve always wanted to do.  Life can be easier than you think…it’s all in the mind!  You’re an amazing person who has been blessed with many gifts!  Use them, and bring light and love to yourself and all of those around you!

There’s 10…there’s hundreds more of course, but these are 10 ways that are very important to me to look after myself, and try to make the most of our time in this current life experience.

Thanks again, have an amazing Monday, and an amazing week!  I’ll leave you with a video of the VOC Sweet Soul Gospel Choir performing one of my absolutely favourite songs of all time right before the starting of the 2010 Run for the Cure in Vancouver.  Checo is an amazing example of someone who has fun and loves life!  Enjoy!

Train like a Champion – Intervals

Hey there!  How are you doing this beautiful friday?!  Lots of amazing plans for the weekend I imagine?  I’m shooting my 3rd wedding in 3 weeks tomorrow, which really excites me about next years wedding season, which should be starting to book up in the next few months!

So i’ve been working on revamping my training and exercise recently, in order to keep things fresh for my body.  Our bodies are amazing, in that, the more you do of a certain motion or task, the more our bodies adapt to it, and become more efficient at it.  Which is amazing for making things easier for us to do after repetition, but isn’t very helpful when we’re trying to strengthen and lean down our bodies.

Enter…Interval training!  More-so for cardio, interval training continually challenges your body, by allowing short resting periods between maximum output motions.  There are several ways to take advantage of this amazing tactic, here are my 3 favourites;

1. Hills

Running hills is an amazing way to incorporate the interval training ideology.  Creating greater strength and endurance in your legs and lungs than running on flat land, and you can also get an incredible workout, within the distance of a block or two…depending on how hard you wanna push yourself :)  Find a quiet street or hill that you can sprint up, and walk down.  Make sure that when sprinting up, you push yourself as hard and even harder than you think you can, right to the top, and then focus on recovery as you walk back down to the bottom!  Very fun, and effective!

2. Intervals on the Elliptical

I really enjoy the elliptical machine.  For one, you can use it rain or shine, (or snow lol), you can burn a lot of calories with a very low impact motion, and you can incorporate intervals.  Most machines I’ve used, have an interval program option.  Just make sure that you focus on quick recovery, and calming your heart rate during the easier setting, and then give it your all during the high intensity setting.  It’s only for a minute or two at a time, so leave it all on the machine, because the harder you push, the better the results you’ll see…and the faster you’ll see them!

3. Fartlek

When I was quite a bit younger, there was a girl in my Ukrainian dance group that had a shirt which read, “fartlek”, and on the back read, “you wouldn’t understand, it’s a running thing.”  Boy was that true.  I had no idea what it meant, until about a year ago.  I realized that it was a method of interval training that I had never tried.  Fartlek is a Swedish term which means, “speed play”.  The basis behind this, is that while you run, you vary your levels of intensity.  From a nice easy jog pace, to a continual acceleration of speed until you reach your maximum velocity.  I started by jogging for about 90 seconds to 2 minutes, and then slowly accelerating to my maximum speed over about 30 seconds.  The only thing I found was, that by checking my watch, or counting in my head, I didn’t enjoy the experience as much.  So I created these guided fartlek mp3′s for myself, that talk you through the exercise, and play pump you up music, so that you can focus on the physicality of it, rather than the timing of it.  I will be making them available for free download soon!

So give intervals a try.   It’s really entertaining, in that you’re continuously changing your running pace, there by, ensuring that your body doesn’t get “used” to a certain pace, and is always burning the maximum amount of calories.  Thanks for reading, and please let me know how your interval training is going!

For your viewing pleasure, here is an inspirational video made by Cloudninecreative, about an NHL prospect named Tyler McNeely.  This video shows the intensity and the level of what it takes to be a pro athelete…this guy is nuts!  Very inspiring!!

NHL Prospects: Tyler McNeely from Cloud Nine Creative on Vimeo.

Before you go for coffee this morning…watch this!!

Thanks for checking out the video! Please share this with everyone you know, and lets help others feel special with this enjoyable, inexpensive surprise!  Let me know if you did get a chance to actually do something like this today, or if you ever have! Please show your support and join our Facebook Fan Page!

We’ve been doing this for about 2 months now, and it’s really catching on.  The staff at our local Tim’s really enjoy being able to tell the people that come after us in line that they get a free coffee!  Let’s start a trend…a craze, and see where it can go!

Have a great rest of your weekend, we’ll talk about goal setting tomorrow!