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Mike in the Morning #70 – The 3 “E’s” to Personal Development

Big Decisions, Think Hard…Act Fast!!

So once in a while there comes a time in your life when you’re faced with a large decision, or even several smaller decisions that can ultimately lead to large results. Whether it’s deciding whether or not you need to move to another city (like Amanda and I did almost 6 months ago now), or whether it’s deciding where to focus your energy.

As of recent, Amanda and I have had a lot of projects on the go!  We’ve had our audio/video production company (which we’re in the midst of restructuring) where Amanda would create voice overs, and I would create videos.  We also have a passion for reaching out and trying our best to positively affect other people’s lives to the best of our abilities.  Amanda has Tomboythatwearsmakeup, and I have this blog, including the 3 times weekly podcast; Mike in the Morning.

Beyond that we have a hyper-local website concept, Amanda is going to start teaching Raw-Food classes, and in-and-among all of these projects on the go, we have a goal…of self-fulfillment, passion, love, joy, abundance and financial freedom.  I’m finding that the more we have been working in our company, the less time we spend on ourselves…which just happens to be the #1 way to grow and improve your life, spending that time on yourself everyday.  Be it working out, meditation and eating right, socializing, networking and connecting with others.

So, we’ve come to a cross-roads in our life, where we’re getting too busy to do it all, or at least to do it all to the best of our abilities…for now, so some decisions have to be made regarding how we focus our time.  As one of our primary goals is financial abundance, I have to focus my energy on what’s going to pay the bills.  At this time, Mike in the Morning is free…so I am going to have to reduce the amount of episodes back down to 1 episode per week.  Until the day comes that I can commit more time to a 5 day a week podcast membership site, which is an ultimate goal of mine…I’m going to have to lower it on the list of priorities.

Have you ever reached a point like this in your life?  Priorities change, focus gets reassigned and new opportunities present themselves.  I’m so excited every day that I get up, because I honestly believe that anything can happen at this point.  We have a bunch of really cool projects on the go, but I always want to open myself up for new opportunities and experiences.

So I thank you all for your support and encouragement as Mike in the Morning has been progressing…67 episodes since January, I’m very proud and excited about that.  I will be offering said episodes in downloadable 10-packs for 99 cents, so feel free to download them and share them with others who may appreciate it as well.  I know I go back from time to time and re-listen to old episodes and get re-inspired on a specific topic, so check it out if you’d like!

I will still be doing 1 podcast a week, and eventually I plan to build up Mike in the Morning to be a community of supportive and motivated people driven to live their lives to their fullest potential!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, have an AWESOME weekend and keep in touch!  Oh and the pictures?…just nice pictures from this summer! : )


Mike in the Morning #35 – Outer Selfishness

Inspired thoughts drive inspired actions!

Hello there! How is your Thursday going?

I’m enjoying an amazing day of clean up, organizing and finishing off to-do’s that have been lingering on my list for quite some time now! Feels good to get things finished and making room for more awesome to-do’s!

I was supposed to go to Cypress Mountain today with a friend to do some filming of these amazing mountain bikers, but it ended up being quite cloudy and rainy…so we rescheduled the shoot for next week in hopes for some sun! I’m really looking forward to this shoot because I’ve never really been a part of anything like this…using hot off the press POV (point of view) cameras which are being used to shoot in 3D!! As well as the fact that I get to film some world class mountain bikers in some of the most amazing outdoors that Canada has to offer! To show you an example of what I’ll be doing, here is the last video they shot together;

Very cool stuff! I’m excited to get involved!

Now, about a month ago now, actually a month ago to the day, I did a Mike in the Morning podcast on Inspired thought and taking action. In the podcast, (click here to listen to it) I told you about a travel case that I made for my new video camera, and wanted to show you what I was talking about;

Basically, it was about midnight, and I had a flight to Yellowknife early the next morning…and I needed a road case, so in about an hour, I took a razor and 2 blocks of foam, and Amanda‘s carry on suitcase (should have asked her first…oops, lol :) ) and after acting on inspired thought, I created this really cool road case!

Okay, well I hope you all have an awesome night tonight! Also, tomorrow is another Mike in the Morning day, so be sure to check back tomorrow for another episode! TALK SOON EVERYONE!

How is your week going? Happy Wednesday!

Hello hello!  Happy Wednesday everyone! How the heck is your week going?  What’s new and exciting, and old and boring? : )

It’s been an exciting time here at Camp Mike and Amanda.  We’ve recently been confirmed as official Stormtech video hosts!  At least once a month, we’ll be participating in events, or travelling or heading up our own adventures in order to showcase Stormtech garments, and of course, we’re REALLY excited about that!

Also we’re heading to Bellingham for a business / shopping trip next week, and then I get to go back up to the great white north to visit my amazing and inspiring sister and brother (in-law).

The Fantastic 4 on the West Coast Trail

Best Friends helpin each other out on the WCT!

The BEST barber I've ever had! I NEED A HAIR CUT!!

The Trio of Trouble!

Recently, Amanda bought me a pass to a gym in Vancouver called Tactix. They focus a lot on boot camp style training, as well as more specific training for MMA fighters. Their specialty classes are; Crossfit, and Krav Maga, and I’ve been given the opportunity to take those 2 classes, back to back, UNLIMITED for a month! So I’ll let you know how that goes, 2 hours straight of butt kicking training will be good for me that’s for sure!

So all I ask of you today, is to keep the energy up!! Have an inspiring, passionate, fun filled week, keep in touch and be sure to come back on Friday for my 2nd per week podcast!


The one Key that will help you with EVERYTHING!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying the last day of a regular work week!  My work week goes in to the weekend, but I always enjoy the relaxed energy of a weekend!  What are you up to this weekend?  The weather isn’t quite at spring quality yet, but it’s starting to feel like it’s getting close that’s for sure!

Today I just wanted to mention a simple and effective key you can have, a step to take, a decision to make, that can positively accelerate anything and everything you do…and that is…everything you do, do with…ENERGY!

No matter what you’re doing, if it’s walking the dog, data entry typing, working out, starting your own business, saying hi to someone, sleeping, thinking…EVERYTHING, just do it, and do it with energy, zeal, passion and joy.  Work when you say you’re going to work or need to work, and play when you plan to play!  When you add energy to everything that you do, things get done faster, your mood becomes elevated, you attract more energy and you can achieve anything!

I’m using a lot of exclamation points because I’m writing this entry with ENERGY too!! : )  Recently, I’ve been training more and more, as I’m planning out my athletic future as far as events to enter.  When I work out, I think to myself, sure I could half-ass my way through this workout, go through the motions, and then be done…but guess what, you’re spending the exact same amount of time, why not get the MOST out of your time so I’ll sweat, burn calories and make use of the time I’m spending anyway…actually I like to invest my time, not just spend it! Our time in this life is short, so get up, get energized, SMASH through those useless fears (usually imaginary anyway!), and get out there and live life with ENERGY!

If you’re having trouble creating your own energy, think about how grateful you are that you’re breathing, that you can have this life experience, the pits and the peaks!  Get around other energetic people, it is so contagious!!

So much love and appreciation for all of you!  Tell me how you raise your energy levels, and send me some pictures of you with ENERGY on the Facebook page!  If you don’t already, please “like” the page, and share it with anyone else who likes energy!

Have a terrific weekend!  Monday will be my 4th podcast already, so please join me for Mike in the Morning #4 where we’ll talk about Intention vs. Attention, and how you can use it in your life to manifest the life you want!  BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Mike in the Morning # 3 – Growth Zone

Psychology of Sport – Mind Over Body

Good Morning!!  Welcome to this amazing wednesday, full of potential and opportunity!  How are you?  I’m doing great!  My Fiancee has been an inspiration to me lately (well, she always is :) , as she has been training for a triathlon with a local shoe company’s training clinic,  known as The Right Shoe.  She’s been training 6 days a week, varying from a weight training workout at home, to double workout days running in the AM and swimming in the PM, or swimming in the AM and biking in the PM.  She’s really been impressing me with her commitment to excellence.  You can read more about her story on her blog as she posts regularly on her workouts.

I did have the opportunity to compete in my first ever triathlon in September of 2009, and I’ve been considering getting back into the tri swing of things, as the Right Shoe clinic is becoming very intriguing to me.  For our first triathlon, we did all of the training by ourselves and managed to complete the race in one piece, although I know I could do waaaay better with training from a professional clinic.  Here are some pictures from our first ever triathlon.

Recently in her clinic, they had a sports Psychologist from the University of Fraser Valley, Roger Friesen, come in and talk about the psychology behind sport.  Roger has worked with numerous elite Olympians, and top of their class athletes over the years.  Amanda then shared her new found knowledge with me, and I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned;

1 You will never know if you can do something or not- unless you try.

2 Do not try to achieve perfection, there is noooo such thing, instead- Strive for Excellence.

3 Always write down your goals- (even have a goal for each workout, whether it is making a certain time, working on form, or just getting through it)

4 Celebrate even the simplest of goals achieved, such as getting outside for that run- even if you don’t feel like it (and be truly happy about it! Smile, be excited, CELEBRATE!)

5 Don’t let your external environment influence your motivation. Example: If you committed to running outside on Sunday am and it is pouring rain, don’t let the rain stop you. It’s part of your plan, so do it.

6 Why do you want to achieve your goal?

7 Accountability is crucial. Let friends and family know your plan, so they can celebrate with you and help hold you accountable. (Blogging helps too- I don’t know if I would have ever been this pumped up if I wasn’t writing and sharing with you every step of the way!)

Just by reading these inspiring words, I think I’m going to go for a run…I crave the sweat : )

Do you have dreams of entering a race, whether it be swimming, biking, running, or all 3?!  Do you realize that anyone can do it, including you?!  I promise you, it’s an amazing feeling to complete any sort of athletic contest.  Please share pictures or stories with me, and on my Facebook page!  I’m always honoured to hear your feedback!

Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to talking to you soon!

The Universe is out to do you good!

Hello hello! Thank you so much for visiting today, what a beautiful Friday!  We’ve made the decision final that I’m done with the rig and I’m a permanent Vancouver citizen officially!  I’m very excited for that!  We’ve also decided to add a few equipment upgrades including a new video camera for myself and a new computer for Amanda, from the macbook to a 27″ iMac, and the brand new Panasonic ag-af100, it’s so new in fact, that I paid for it, and it’s still on a ship from China! :)

Again, excitement is the only word I can use to describe it!

So let me ask you a questions?  How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?  When you walk out the door to start your day and when you get home and go to sleep at the end of the night?  Do you feel as though danger is lurking around every corner?  Do you feel like at any second you could catch a cold or get held up, lose your job, or get into a car accident?  Depending on your conditioning, this could be a conscience or sub-conscience feeling, but I believe that by holding negative thoughts and intentions in our minds and hearts such as the few I’ve mentioned, you can actually begin to attract these negative situations into your life.  So I’m here to let you know that the Universe is actually out to do you good, and conspire to help you!!

My sister informed me of an author by the name of Rob Brezsny, who wrote a book called, “Pronoia, is the antidote for paranoia”, and I really enjoyed how he explained it, so please let me share with you what I’ve learned.

In order to gain the belief of universal support, you must; push hard to get better, become smarter, refine your emotional intellegence, cure your ignorance, shed your pettiness, highten your drive to look for the best in people and soften your heart.  But always accept yourself for exactly who you are, with all of your so called “imperfections” with love and compassion.  Be in love with the fact that the universe will always give you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it! You may not understand why in that moment of change, but it’s always for the greater purpose!

As well as knowing that there are others out there working for your benefit, be eager as well to be that person conspiring to help others, and have confidence and faith that the energy you put out into the world will come back to you ten fold!  It can and will take time to completely instil this belief, but just like anything, if you practice it daily it will become habit and what an amazing conditioning to have!  It can fill you with confidence and help maintain your positive mental attitude, helping you get more out of every situation you face.  I like to repeat the affirmation from time to time, “the universe is out to do me good“, and the more I believe it, the more it comes true!

Well thanks for visiting!  Have an absolutely amazing weekend!  I’ll be doing another podcast on Monday on the topic of Motivation, and where it comes from or if it’s lacking, where it can come from!  Take care and feel good knowing that the universe is on your side!

Mike in the Morning – Change