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Vancouver B.C. to Grandview Manitoba and back…3200 miles and a lot of good times!

Well it’s now been 20 days since my last post on the website…and I have to say that it’s been quite the whirlwind too.  Please allow me to show you just what the heck I’ve been up to!

Right up until take off on our monster road trip to the prairies and back, it was go go go…filming up at Whistler ATV for Stormtech…Thanks to Shawn, Jeff and everyone else up at Whistler ATV / Blackcomb Snowmobile!

…and Painter (my new puppy), guarded for danger as we worked! : )

We had time for a beautiful day at the PNE, it’s my first time that I’ve been there in the almost 4 years I’ve been out West.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can “out-amusement ride” me!

Then the day before we left…more touch up shooting.  A beautiful HOT summer’s morning in a winter jacket is enough to get anyone’s sweat drippin.

Then it was time to pack up, and hit the road!

It was a beautiful day to travel.  Day 1, 14 hours (including 2 hours of stops for the pups) first stop…Lethbridge, Alberta.

While we were there, we had the chance to check out the 2011 Taber Cornfest, South Alberta’s largest free outdoor fair!  Amanda, Cory (Amanda‘s Bro) and Donnelly (Cory’s wife) all entered into a 10km race that’s held every year.  Cory actually ended up getting 1st place overall!  Way to go Cory!  We did some hiking at Waterton National Park where we saw some bears!

We got to taste test wedding cake samples, have some fun at the fair and filmed another video covering the Taber Cornfest which I will be sharing with you very soon!

I had to show you this one up close again…it’s pretty darn funny I think! : )

After a fun filled few days in Lethbridge, we headed to Nisku, Alberta so I could take a training course and also so we could film another Stormtech video with a PD employee.  We were staying in a hotel that didn’t allow pets (oops…lol) so we had to be sneaky about getting Painter in and out.  He was great for 2 whole days and barely made a noise!  Good boy Painter!

I have to say it was pretty neat to be at PD where I first trained to go out on the rigs, and not actually having to do any PD work! : )  Thanks Bryce for doing such an amazing job!

Then it was off to the town in which I was born and raised to begin the celebration of my oldest sister getting married to her amazing man Craig!

I actually had the privilege of performing the wedding, as in Manitoba, anyone can be commissioned for a specific marriage on a specific date.  It was a beautiful day!

Then after a fantastic few days of celebration, it was off to Saskatoon to make one last stop to see some more family before we made our final stretch home.

Had the chance to go golfing with David, spend time with my Godson Jasper, Amanda was surprised with a bridal shower and we had a 24 hour journey home…including a 6 hour pitstop at the side of the road for a comfy little truck nap.

It was awesome, and I thank everyone along the way who made it such an enjoyable time!  Looking forward to being able to do it again…if not before than it’ll be and Amanda and my wedding on New Years Eve!

I’ll be sharing some of the videos we’ve been filming along the way!  Until then, take care everyone, keep in touch and thanks for stopping by! : )

What a Weekend – First Weekend of the Summer!

Hey there!  How was your weekend?  I hope you’ve really had a chance to enjoy these last couple days.  I’ve had a really full weekend consisting of hockey, hiking and brainstorming!

It all started out on Friday night with a roller hockey game, ever since I started roller hockey last year I’ve absolutely fell in love with it.  Here is a video of me rockin the roller blades early in the season…

Thanks to the absolutely amazing guys that adopted me onto their team and really create an amazing, competitive, fun and supportive atmosphere!  We’re drawing near the end of the season and we’ve been on a 5 game win-streak so we’ll see how that plays out into the playoffs.

Then Saturday night was yet again another amazing round of roller hockey in the VIHL.  This time however was a different night…we were extremely short benched (only 2 people on the bench to relieve the 4 playing and our goalie), and we were playing the #1 ranked team in the league that night and something magical happened to me.  Up till Saturday night I had 3 goals on the whole season, and with an explosion I was able to find the twine 4 times thanks to the amazing skill and energy of my team, and my being at the right person at place at the right time…check out this score sheet!

An amazing night to remember that’s for sure!

Then came today, where my friend Rick and I headed downtown Vancouver to join a group of guys who play ball hockey every Sunday, and have been for the last 7 or 8 years I believe.  Awesome group of guys, and had an absolute blast once again!

Finally tonight, as we prepare for an amazing week ahead, we recently received the brand new yet to be released Stormtech Fall 2011 catalog, as we’re brainstorming for the next batch of videos to make…and check out page #2…

I feel so blessed for the opportunities I’ve received to work with Stormtech over the past little while, and I’m excited about all of the pending projects on the horizon!

Finally, Amanda and I went for a walk and went for a little exploration walk in Port Moody…and of course, Amanda sees the biggest hill in the area and says lets hike it.  After an amazing and quite vertical hike which we’ve dubbed the Port Moody Grind, we had an absolutely breathtaking view to take in…

I tried my best to make a panoramic collage using my blackberry…

Okay, well I wish you a restful and relaxing rest of your evening…feel free to join me tomorrow morning with Mike in the Morning, as we discuss the topic of beliefs…a really amazing and impactful topic of conversation that I would love you to be a part of!

Take care, keep in touch, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Inspired thoughts drive inspired actions!

Hello there! How is your Thursday going?

I’m enjoying an amazing day of clean up, organizing and finishing off to-do’s that have been lingering on my list for quite some time now! Feels good to get things finished and making room for more awesome to-do’s!

I was supposed to go to Cypress Mountain today with a friend to do some filming of these amazing mountain bikers, but it ended up being quite cloudy and rainy…so we rescheduled the shoot for next week in hopes for some sun! I’m really looking forward to this shoot because I’ve never really been a part of anything like this…using hot off the press POV (point of view) cameras which are being used to shoot in 3D!! As well as the fact that I get to film some world class mountain bikers in some of the most amazing outdoors that Canada has to offer! To show you an example of what I’ll be doing, here is the last video they shot together;

Very cool stuff! I’m excited to get involved!

Now, about a month ago now, actually a month ago to the day, I did a Mike in the Morning podcast on Inspired thought and taking action. In the podcast, (click here to listen to it) I told you about a travel case that I made for my new video camera, and wanted to show you what I was talking about;

Basically, it was about midnight, and I had a flight to Yellowknife early the next morning…and I needed a road case, so in about an hour, I took a razor and 2 blocks of foam, and Amanda‘s carry on suitcase (should have asked her first…oops, lol :) ) and after acting on inspired thought, I created this really cool road case!

Okay, well I hope you all have an awesome night tonight! Also, tomorrow is another Mike in the Morning day, so be sure to check back tomorrow for another episode! TALK SOON EVERYONE!

The big Stormtech video wrap up!

Hey there, how’s your week going so far? I haven’t text blogged in a while, but here I am, I’m going to be keeping you better up to date with what’s going on in my life, and right now, I wanted to share with you a few highlights from the Stormtech video project that we just completed, just to show you what and where we’ve been up to : )


1 – Andrea @ Lost Lagoon

2 – Me and Amanda @ Buntzen Lake

3 – Anthony @ Grouse Mountain

4 – Mark @ Lynn Canyon

5 – Me and Amanda @ Florida Everglades National Park

6 – Heather – 3rd Beach

7 – Brendan and Stephanie @ Kits Beach

8 – Chenier and Hannah @ Granville Island (including filming on our own private Aqua Bus!)

9 – Andrea @ a film set at an old insane asylum


I just wanted to thank everyone so much for being a part of this really cool project!  Thanks to Christine at Stormtech who believed in us to begin with…and I really look forward to what the future has in store!

Today is continued organizing and catch up for me, I got a chance to go down to Rogers Arena last night with some friends…it was a great time until the 2nd period got going…when the flood gates broke wide open on our Canucks.

It’s okay though, I can see the vision…Boston needed to feel good at home with a nice win…they got all their goals out of their system so now they won’t be scoring much in the rest of the series, and now the Canucks can win at home!!  At least I got 3 sweet playoff towels that you see flingin around at the home games!

Well, thanks for letting me share that with you, have an incredible Tuesday!  Get ready for another Mike in the Morning TOMORROW…first ever Wednesday episode and I’m really excited for that, so take care and I’ll talk to you soon!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! : )

Hello hello everyone! How’s it going? A bit of a rainy day in Vancouver, but I know there are bright days ahead! I looked into the forecast, and it looks to support a sunny Sun Run once again! I’ll by running it for my 3rd time, however…this time I’ll be with my sister, who will be running her first 10k race ever!! Way to go Marianne!

My sister and Brother-in-Law to be Craig, will be in tomorrow night, after we finish up shooting another Stormtech video…this new video features their new Yoga line!!  If you haven’t seen our latest Stormtech video, check it out!

Next, since my podcast on commitment to a system, I’ve been spending at least 1 hour a day with my brand new camera.  I also just received my newest addition to my lens collection with a brand new 14-140mm zoom lens, It’s unbelievable!  What shocked me the most was it’s wide range to capture so much picture, even if it’s up close…check out this example, the calculator is literally an inch away from the lens shade;

…and yet it still manages to see around the calculator…technology is amazing!  To see more examples of footage I’ve been taking lately, check out my YouTube channel!

Amanda and I, also just received our engagement pictures back from our good friend Andrea from Go-Lucky Photography!  Check em out, here’s a few of my favourites;

Finally, I’m really excited about my Mike in the Morning Podcasts coming up tomorrow and Monday, on the topics of building self-confidence, and not taking things personally.  So please visit me tomorrow morning, and keep having an AWESOME week!

And just so you know…I LIKE you!…so feel free to “like” me too! : )  Lots of Love for you and yours!  Bye for now! : )

Thursday thoughts! What’s happening now?

Hello! I hope you’re having a terrific day today! There’s been so much happening these days, I’d love to share it with you!

1. The Great Debate

If you happen to recall, Amanda and myself had been considering making a move out to Port Moody (a smaller town outside of Vancouver), over the past 3 or 4 months. It would allow us to have MUCH more space, including a 2nd bedroom which we’d turn into a sound room, a 2nd bathroom, an incredible kitchen and state of the art amenities…only issue in my heart, is the connection I’ve made with being downtown Vancouver. I truly think however, that we need to give this community a shot! When certain things line up so perfectly, I know that the Universe has a plan for me, to bring me to my goals faster…i.e.;


- our rent was increasing at our current apartment.
- the new place we’re looking at received tons of applications, but they chose to consider us over the rest.
- it’s only a 6 month lease, so we can “try it out”, and decided whether we want to stay out there or not.
- the layout of the new apartment is very unique, and PERFECT for an at home studio setup.
- we still have a view that includes Ocean water and mountains which we’ve grown to love


We’ll be finding out in the next day or 2 if we’re accepted or not, but by the way it’s been going, and the way I’m feeling…I have great faith that it’s going to happen!

Here are some pictures of the new place…

It’s an amazing looking place, and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish in such an amazing space!  Also, for Mike in the Morning tomorrow, I’ll be talking about the conditioning associated with your environment…which seems to fit well with what’s going on in my life right now! : )

2. Roller Hockey

I am SO excited for the new season to start!  Last year was my first year ever, and I was really happy with my improvement over the season.  My goals with roller hockey include;

- achieving at least 2 game winning goals

- be a top 5 point scorer (goals and assists)

- average at least 2 points per game

- play goalie at least twice, and post a shut out!

I know these are INTENSE goals : ), but as always, I like a challenge…because when you challenge yourself, everything else is easier!!

3. Stormtech Video

Also, another large priority over the next few days, is our BRAND NEW video, featuring Amanda and myself in Frostbite 45!  An absolutely incredible opportunity, that we were fortunate enough to participate in.  We got some amazing footage too, so I look forward to completing that in the next few days, and sharing it with you all!  Here is our first Stormtech video;


So what are you up to?  Let me know!  Share it with me in the comments below, or upload a picture and a note on the Facebook page!  I hope you all have an incredible Thursday, I look forward to talking with you tomorrow via Mike in the Morning…my 15th episode already!  Enjoy your day!

Yellowknife Review – Frostbite 45

Hello there! How are you? How the heck has your week been so far? It’s been an incredible week!! We just got back from Yellowknife on Tuesday, and came home to some catch up work. Amanda is a voice over artist, and we were able to complete a few jobs while on the road, but we got back and we got them all done and sent off…then BAM, after completing 3 jobs, we got 3 more!! One of which is an audiobook over 150 pages long and it needs to be done for Monday, so between that, exercising, and working on the latest video projects that we’ve been filming, it’s go go go and I LOVE it!

I just wanted to share with you some pictures from the event we took part in Frostbite 45, and our time in Yellowknife that we just had;


Thanks for stopping by!  This is just a taste of the videos we’re working on which will be finished within a week!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for Mike in the Morning, as we further discuss the actual logistics of affirmations and how they can play a MASSIVE role in your personal development and goal achievement!



Challenge Yourself! – Wonderful Wednesday Update

Hi there Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages!  Hello and how are you?  I hope you’re having an incredible week so far!  The weather seems to be slowly headed towards that amazing feeling of spring time!  This coming Sunday is the first day of spring, so lets get all we can out of whats left of winter, even though I’m sure we’re all quite excited to start into the new season!

Have you challenged your self lately?  Such as setting a goal that you thought was hard to accomplish, and weren’t even sure you could achieve it?  I think it’s an amazing tactic to use, to help and grow yourself and push yourself to the next level in your own lives.  Here are a few examples happening in my life right now;

My sister Marianne, has recently entered a weight loss challenge in Yellowknife.  I was just up visiting her, and I’ve never seen her more on fire about a challenge, and her life in general!

She’s made a conscience decision in her life that this is her new life…this isn’t a short term work out schedule, or diet, and she’s truly committed to a healthier lifestyle.  On top of that, still she challenged herself against nearly 200 people to lose the largest percentage of body weight.

Unfortunately she didn’t win the contest, however she did lose almost 21 lbs in this 6 week challenge, totalling an amazing 11.2% weight loss.  Congratulations to my sister for an amazing job well done.  You may not have won this contest, but the impact of this challenge and lifestyle choice will have in your life is worth way more than a prize in a contest!!  If you’d like to hear even more about her incredible journey, check it out here.

Secondly, I was recently inspired to challenge myself by doing my first ever Half marathon.  Up until that point, I’ve never raced or really ran much beyond the 10km mark.  I’ve always been active in fitness, but have never even had the thought to run a half marathon till then.  So I did it, and it was a heck of a challenge.

I definitely should have trained more in order to have a better time, but the feeling I got when crossing that finish line was incredible!  Even though Amanda was right behind me, and could have easily overtaken me by that point (even though I usually run events faster than her), it was inspiring to me to discover that I can do it!  I made a choice, set my mind to it, and accomplished it!

That’s actually how I ended up running my first ever triathlon too!  It was just a thought, a desire, and we trained lots (not enough for a fast finish), but we made it happen and again, the feeling when you complete what you set out to do even though I wasn’t sure how I’d do, and almost wanted to quit the day before because I was fearful…it changed my life!

Now the latest challenge that I’ve set for myself, is running a race in Yellowknife called Frostbite 45.  It used to be called the Rock and Ice Ultra.  It’s a 45 km race along the frozen arctic tundra and lakes of the great white north.  Amanda and I will be splitting the distance, as we’re also creating a film for Stormtech, but it will still prove a great challenge to run a half marathon in -20 or who knows how cold it could be, but by the confidence that challenging myself in the past has given me, I know we’ll have an awesome experience!  Here’s what I’ll look like on Saturday! eeep : )

Believing in yourself enough to know you are able to achieve anything you set your mind out to, is what makes our lives magical.  You deserve the amazing opportunities in life, and are blessed with the body you have!  It may not be perfect…no one is perfect, but in order to live an engaging and exciting life, we need to challenge ourselves…even if we don’t succeed, try it again.  As we’ve discussed before, failure brings with it a seed of an equal success, so go for it, challenge yourself, have fun with it and enjoy it!  It’s our only life, lets make the most of it!

Thanks for stopping by the website today!  I look forward to see you on Friday as I will be posting my 11th Mike in the Morning podcast on the topic of taking action!  My absolute favourite topic to discuss!  Take care everyone, and have an awesome week!

How is your week going? Happy Wednesday!

Hello hello!  Happy Wednesday everyone! How the heck is your week going?  What’s new and exciting, and old and boring? : )

It’s been an exciting time here at Camp Mike and Amanda.  We’ve recently been confirmed as official Stormtech video hosts!  At least once a month, we’ll be participating in events, or travelling or heading up our own adventures in order to showcase Stormtech garments, and of course, we’re REALLY excited about that!

Also we’re heading to Bellingham for a business / shopping trip next week, and then I get to go back up to the great white north to visit my amazing and inspiring sister and brother (in-law).

The Fantastic 4 on the West Coast Trail

Best Friends helpin each other out on the WCT!

The BEST barber I've ever had! I NEED A HAIR CUT!!

The Trio of Trouble!

Recently, Amanda bought me a pass to a gym in Vancouver called Tactix. They focus a lot on boot camp style training, as well as more specific training for MMA fighters. Their specialty classes are; Crossfit, and Krav Maga, and I’ve been given the opportunity to take those 2 classes, back to back, UNLIMITED for a month! So I’ll let you know how that goes, 2 hours straight of butt kicking training will be good for me that’s for sure!

So all I ask of you today, is to keep the energy up!! Have an inspiring, passionate, fun filled week, keep in touch and be sure to come back on Friday for my 2nd per week podcast!


Travels and Adventures!

Hello!  How’s it going?  Hopefully all is well in your world as we approach the start of our 3rd month in this, the best year of our lives yet!  I recently came back from a trip to Saskatchewan visiting my family, it was great because I was able to see both sides of the family in one trip!  Here are some moments relived, including a few from my half marathon last week!

Absolutely an amazing time!  I got to see my WHOLE immediate family, including a 5 week old adorable nephew…who has already convinced me that it’d be an amazing joy to have children…maybe in a few years yet : )

Wait…there’s still actually 2 people I haven’t seen during this past trip from my immediate family, and that’s my sister Marianne, and her amazing fiance Craig.  All the way up in Yellowknife, I’ve been invited once again to do some filming for Craigs’ Barber Shop known as the Ragged Ass Barbers in the Great White North!  Definitely looking forward to seeing you all up there!

I’m also very excited to say that because of the amazing response from the Monday Podcasts of Mike in the Morning, I’m going to be adding a 2nd Podcast to the week, we’ll have lifestyle Monday’s (featuring health, fitness, or state of mind) and Financial Fridays (regarding ways to reach our financial goals).  So I ask you, as you are my listeners, what topics would you like to hear covered?  As always, I appreciate the feedback and interaction!

So I hope you’re having an amazing Thursday, and I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead!  Keep in touch, see you soon and have some FUN!