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Mike in the Morning #52 – Taking Action on Our Health

The one Key that will help you with EVERYTHING!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying the last day of a regular work week!  My work week goes in to the weekend, but I always enjoy the relaxed energy of a weekend!  What are you up to this weekend?  The weather isn’t quite at spring quality yet, but it’s starting to feel like it’s getting close that’s for sure!

Today I just wanted to mention a simple and effective key you can have, a step to take, a decision to make, that can positively accelerate anything and everything you do…and that is…everything you do, do with…ENERGY!

No matter what you’re doing, if it’s walking the dog, data entry typing, working out, starting your own business, saying hi to someone, sleeping, thinking…EVERYTHING, just do it, and do it with energy, zeal, passion and joy.  Work when you say you’re going to work or need to work, and play when you plan to play!  When you add energy to everything that you do, things get done faster, your mood becomes elevated, you attract more energy and you can achieve anything!

I’m using a lot of exclamation points because I’m writing this entry with ENERGY too!! : )  Recently, I’ve been training more and more, as I’m planning out my athletic future as far as events to enter.  When I work out, I think to myself, sure I could half-ass my way through this workout, go through the motions, and then be done…but guess what, you’re spending the exact same amount of time, why not get the MOST out of your time so I’ll sweat, burn calories and make use of the time I’m spending anyway…actually I like to invest my time, not just spend it! Our time in this life is short, so get up, get energized, SMASH through those useless fears (usually imaginary anyway!), and get out there and live life with ENERGY!

If you’re having trouble creating your own energy, think about how grateful you are that you’re breathing, that you can have this life experience, the pits and the peaks!  Get around other energetic people, it is so contagious!!

So much love and appreciation for all of you!  Tell me how you raise your energy levels, and send me some pictures of you with ENERGY on the Facebook page!  If you don’t already, please “like” the page, and share it with anyone else who likes energy!

Have a terrific weekend!  Monday will be my 4th podcast already, so please join me for Mike in the Morning #4 where we’ll talk about Intention vs. Attention, and how you can use it in your life to manifest the life you want!  BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Basic Circuit Training Workout

Hello hello!  How are you this fine wednesday?  I’m excellent!  Amanda and I are busy all day doing a video shoot, testing a brand new jacket by Stormtech called the XBR-1.  We’re putting it through a road test through our rigorous training that we go through from day to day, it’s going to be fun!

Any who, I wanted to share with you just a basic weight training circuit that I do.  It’s basic, and great for if you want to get all of the body parts in one circuit.  Obviously check with a physician before doing any exercises, and each one of these exercises are modifiable, but here goes;

1. Chest Press

Ensure chair placement so that you can get a nice deep press and extend all the way up to where you lock your arms, hold for a second and release.  In my circuits, I like to have rep amounts starting at 15-20, 2nd round 10-15 and then 3rd round 5-10.  You can increase weight and decrease reps as you see fit, this is just what I do to stay as lean and toned as possible.

2. Back pull-downs

I like to lock my legs in the little seat part, it feels like I have more control over my pull motion when I’m not worrying about keeping my legs down.  I like to lean back when I do my pull-downs so that I focus on the back and not the shoulders.  You can also do this with a close-grip hand position, either way it’s a great back exercise.

3. Bicep curls

Make sure you keep your knees bent slightly and a straight back, extend fully to the ground, and pull right up to your chest and give it a little pause and squeeze at the top.  By far my favourite muscle group to work : )

4. Tricep pull-downs

Again, nice straight back with knees slightly bent, slowly squeeze all the way down the motion, pause at the bottom, and slowly release back to the top.  It’s great to practice controlled full range of motion on all exercises, to ensure proper usage of your muscles.

5. Leg Press

You don’t have to put tons and tons of weight to get a good workout on your leg press, just whatever allows you to do about 15-20 reps for your first round.  Again, extend your legs all the way, without locking your knees, and then slowly allow your knees to come to your chest.
6. Calf raises
As Tony Horton would say, you can do this little “bonus move” after your done your leg-press rep.  That is, on your final extension, keep your legs out and simply drive your toes into the platform and lift your heels.  Easy as that : )
7. Leg extensions
Keeping your back straight against the chair, slowly, with control, extend your legs.  I usually lock my legs at the top and give it a little squeeze, but you can do what ever your comfortable with.  I find if you slowly lower your legs, you can contract your ham-strings and get them involved in this motion as well.  Also, if you’re not used to this motion, start with low weight as if you go for the gusto too quickly, you could have trouble walking due to stiffness in the days ahead…believe me, I’ve done it : )
8. Shoulder press
(normally I smile when I workout…I was just tryin to look cool for the shot : )
Nice and easy, ensuring your seat back is vertical enough that you’re focusing on your shoulders and not your chest, get a nice big stretch at the bottom of this motion, and drive your arms upwards.  As always, control control control, up and down!
Well there you have it!  I like to do this workout if I don’t have time to do each body part one by one, and also to assist in my cardio as well as a muscle workout. Do you have any “go to” circuits? Do you like working out on a multi-move machine, or free weights?

Go have an amazing day, thank you for stopping by!  See you very soon!

7 Suggestions to enjoy the Holiday Season, and still be healthy.

Good morning everyone!  Isn’t it a fine wednesday?!  The first day of the last month of this amazing year we’ve had.  There is no better time than right now to make this the best month that you’ve ever had, in regards to health, fitness, wealth and prosperity.

Now I know the big holidays are coming up…Christmas and New Years, and if you don’t observe, there’s also Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Eid al-Adha.  You may not all celebrate this days, but chances are you may be seeing some family time with some family meals right?!  Or at least an opportunity to indulge a bit more than usual?  : )

The key to success in any situation, is to be as prepared as possible to handle the upcoming situation as best as possible.  So in this case, what are the drawbacks;

Over eating

Over drinking

Over spending

Lack of exercise

I know there is a tender part in lots of our hearts that just think it’s a perfectly fair, and even honorable thing to partake in these over indulgences, and in the grand scheme of things, isn’t the biggest backslide in the world…but if you’re fired up and pushing with all of your might towards your goals and dreams, especially in the field of health and fitness, this ”setback” can be very detrimental on your progress, and cause you a lot of frustration.  So I have compiled a list of 7 strategies to help you get through the holidays on the right foot, and still enjoy all they have to offer!!

1. Plan Gatherings Around Activities, Not Just Meals

When eating is the main focus of any event, it’s easy to let it overtake the evening.  Also if you plan your gatherings around activities, you’ll stand a better chance to burn off any extra calories sooner.

2. Avoid Eating Until You’re Stuffed

Take your time when you eat, and savour every bite you can…you usually don’t know you’re full until about 20 minutes after you’re done, so listen to your body when you eat…every part of your body but your stomach : )

3. Eat Healthy Foods First

If you fill up on salads and soups, you’ll be less likely to over eat on the big ticket meal items.

4. Be Aware of Liquid Calories

Of course beer and wine as usual, but it seems the season brings about creamier beverages, which are absolutely loaded with fats and calories.  Enjoy, but definitely regulate and minimize intake.

5. Drink More Water

It’s always a good idea to stay hydrated, it will help you with digestion, and will keep that hankering for a different beverage to quench your thirst quickly at bay.

6. Cut Portions in Half

If you really think you’d hurt the cooks feelings, go ahead and enjoy that dessert, but try cutting the piece they give you in half, and enjoy that, that way you can have your cake and eat it too.

7. Continue Scheduled Exercise

You may as well give yourself a head start.  Keep those calories burning so “enjoying the holidays” doesn’t have as big of a negative impact as it can.

Well what do you plan on doing to be “nice” and good over the holidays?  Any tips and tricks?  Enjoy your day, welcome December, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Now what am I grateful for? Me!

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you had an absolutely amazing weekend! What did you get up to? I enjoyed an art contest, a performance from the VOC gospel choir, and witnessed the Run for the Cure which Amanda ran in.  The basis of the Golden Brush Art competition was that, 5 teams of 3 well-established local artists, worked together to create a brand new collaborative piece of artwork which was also auctioned off the same night.  Team 5 ended up winning the contest.  I really enjoyed #4′s piece.  Which one do you like?

Empty canvas's before the contest.

Team #4 hard at work.

Team #5's Masterpiece at the first break.

Team #1 #2 and #3 (from right to left) at the half.

Team #4's masterpiece at the break.

Run for the cure start line in Vancouver.

Amanda finishing her run for the cure!

Amanda finishing her run for the cure!

After hearing the stories from a few speakers that had been diagnosed with cancer (and then defeated it) at the Run for the Cure event stage, I began to consider how blessed I truly am, to live in a very healthy, creative and able body. I don’t think we always appreciate that as much as we should. We are in fact the miracle of birth, and should do everything we can, to look after ourselves, in order to have the longest and most enjoyable and fulfilling life experience we possibly can! Here are some ways I try to look after myself;

1. Exercise Regularly

Keep your body running at optimum health so you can enjoy your day to day life!

2. Eat Healthy

Fuel your body with nutritional food to ensure you’re reaching your body’s maximum potential.

3. Increase Your Knowledge / Read

It’s important to learn something everyday, it’s the journey of life that’s makes the story, not just the beginning and end.

4. Drink Lots of Water

Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so continue to lubricate, cool and flush your body with water.

5. Laugh Often

Enjoy life!  Everything you do, should be joyful, otherwise…why are you doing it?  Hang out with friends, watch a funny movie and nurture a positive mental attitude.

6. Enjoy Nature

Look around you, it’s amazing where we live.  Check out what I saw while walking around  Lost Lagoon in Vancouver;

11 baby racoons feeding in Lost Lagoon.

7. Shut off the TV

You can be just as entertained outside, you can get a lot more accomplished, and you can save money too!

8. Limit Alcohol and Junk Food Intake

Yes, most things can be enjoyed within reasonable use, but excessive alcohol and junk food are just not good for your body.  Yes enjoy a drink and a plate of nachos, but remember that it should be kept to a minimum…also healthy for your budget!

8. Set Goals and Always Strive To Achieve Them

Again, life is a journey…build and experience the life that you truly want to.  Don’t be satisfied with “okay”, dream big dreams, set goals and always take action.  Life is short, enjoy it and make the most of our time in this life experience.

9. Maintain and Nourish Relationships

Remember to keep in touch with friends and family in your life.  Relationships can add a lot of excitement, joy, feedback, motivation and love to your life.  Nurture those relationships!

10. Have Fun!

Go out there, have some fun, raise some energy…do the things you’ve always wanted to do.  Life can be easier than you think…it’s all in the mind!  You’re an amazing person who has been blessed with many gifts!  Use them, and bring light and love to yourself and all of those around you!

There’s 10…there’s hundreds more of course, but these are 10 ways that are very important to me to look after myself, and try to make the most of our time in this current life experience.

Thanks again, have an amazing Monday, and an amazing week!  I’ll leave you with a video of the VOC Sweet Soul Gospel Choir performing one of my absolutely favourite songs of all time right before the starting of the 2010 Run for the Cure in Vancouver.  Checo is an amazing example of someone who has fun and loves life!  Enjoy!

Congrats Trong and Lindy / My thoughts on Sugar

Hey there!

How is everyone this fine thursday?

So, this weekend I have the joy of creating a wedding video for my friends Lindy and Trong (also my new pool teammate!!), at a beautiful venue on Hornby Island.

Trong and Lindy

I’m very excited to see everyone, and to see the union of two really cool people who I look up to in many ways…and also to make a kick ass video for them!!  So today is a clean up day and tie up loose ends at home, and prep for the weekend.  Again, congratulations Trong and Lindy!!

Since my last post was about goal setting, I have set a new one regarding my diet.  I’ve been trying really hard this week to cut out all known sources of un-natural sugars from my diet.  I’ve been shocked to see just how many foods I eat, that I didn’t even think to have sugar in them, do!  For example; the little single serving cans of Tuna I like to eat for snacks and the frozen chicken breast I like to buy from costco.

Of course, like everything, sugar in moderation is okay, especially when it’s natural sugars found in fruits.  But excessive amounts of sugar, especially processed sugar can lead to diabetes and obesity.  With the health ramifications that we know can occur from regular, and large amounts of processed sugar intake, I truly believe that refined sugars should be regulated such as tobacco or lottery tickets.  Not only is it an extremely addictive chemical which can lead to unnecessary food and sugar cravings, large amounts of sugar on a regular basis can cause insulin resistance, a state in which the body does not respond to the hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar correctly.

Insulin resistance is a significant step towards adult onset diabetes. The resulting chronic high blood sugar is usually converted to fat, leading to obesity. Of course insulin is a hormone with many factors affecting it, not just sugars in the diet. Things like binge and starve eating patterns (including eating only one or two meals a day), stress and lack of sleep can all cause problems with blood sugar, which lead to the seldom-diagnosed hypoglycemia.

Bags of sugar stored in Cuban warehouse awaiting shipment to US.

As far as finding the best foods for an all natural only sugar diet, I find that home cooking meals ensures that you know exactly what’s going into your food.  I’m lucky enough to have a girlfriend who has been trying recipes in the vegan field of diet out on me, so I’ve been surprised with many meals of; quinoa and stir fry veggies, home made salt and vinegar chick peas, and my ultimate new favourite…Kale Chips!!  Check out how to make those on Amanda’s blog. Super easy to make!

So what are your thoughts on sugar?  Should I be as concerned about it’s consumption as I am?  Is dairy worse than sugar for our bodies?  Do you have any recipes for “sweet treats” that don’t use sugar?   As always, I appreciate the feedback, and look forward to hearing from you!

Well I’m off to check out a new potential home out in Port Moody, B.C. with Amanda, I’ll let you know how that goes.  Have an amazing rest of your thursday, and an amazing weekend as well!  Don’t forget about my special sunday coffee at Tim’s!!  Bye for now : )

Goal Setting – 7 Tips to Ensure Success!

Hey there!  So it’s Monday.  I love mondays, because they signify the start of a new week.  Mondays can be an amazing time to start things, like;  A new workout plan, a new financial goal, or  new ideology to complement your lifestyle.  I have set many goals over the past decade, some that I’ve clearly completed, some that I’ve utterly failed, and ones that I’m not even sure about.  I’ve read that there is an extremely large percentage of the population, who have never even sat down, and wrote out their goals on paper.  Within the last 2 years, I’ve realized that I used to write out my goals in a way that set me up for failure or at least unsatisfactory completion.   There are several ways to specifically write out your goals to ensure that you are successful.  Here are a few;

1. Set A Specific Date:

Goals are just dreams with timelines right? : )  So give yourself a date to complete your goals by so that there is a sense of urgency to complete them.  It also allows you a checkpoint to see if your set goals are actually important to you or not.  At that point, you can re-evaluate, revamp and continue setting newer and bigger goals, to create a journey in life that is fun, exciting and continuously self improving!

2. One Goal Per Goal:

One thing I frequently found myself doing when writing out goals, was writing multiple goals in one.  So for example;

- My goal is to read 4 books this month and to buy one book too.

This goal is relatively clear about my intentions, but when the goal deadline arrives, and you only read 2 books that month, but bought 5 books…you kind of achieved the goal and kind of didn’t.  To make it even more clear for yourself, write one decisive goal per goal.  There’s no limit to your goals, so write them separately;

- My goal is to read 4 books this month

- My goal is to buy a new book this month

It feels better to be able to cross 2 goals off the list as successfully completed, instead of just crossing off a goal because it didn’t really work out exactly so.

3. Phrase The Goal To Be Yes Or No:

When you write out your goals, be decisive with one goal per goal, but also, be careful of how you word it.  Ensure that all of your goals are written so that when the deadline comes, you can answer it yes or no.  Be precise with what you want.  If you wrote down, “I want to get healthier” as a goal, can you answer that yes or no when the end date has been reached?  Not really.  Instead, write something like, “I want to be able to run 10k in 40 minutes by Sept 20th”, or “I want to weigh 180 lbs by Oct 1st”.  These are goals that, when the end date arrives, can be answered yes or no.  It increases your focus and clarity when you have an actual, tangible or logically imaginable goal.  Clarity is huge in everything you do, click here to read a recent post I wrote on the power of clarity. (Ignore the new website info at the bottom of the post…this is the new website :) )

4. Write In The Positive Tense:

It’s always a good practice in life to stay positive, about everything you do.  I’m not suggesting that negative events don’t happen, but you can usually find something good and positive to take out of any situation.  The same goes for your goals.  When you write your goals down, try to write them in the positive tense and use, the terms that you want to see, not what you don’t want to see.  For example, a negative tense goal could look like this;

- I want to be debt free in a year…or

- I want to lose 15 lbs in 2 months…or

- I don’t want to read less than 2 books this month

When you include the terms that don’t necessarily encompass the meaning or result of what you truly want, you may not be sending clear signals about what you really want, so try to avoid using them in your goal writing.  Instead of using the words; debt, lose or don’t want,  just reword them slightly;

- I want to have $10,000 in savings by Jan. 1st 2011

- I want to weigh a healthy 180 lbs by Oct 3rd 2010

- I want to read 2 books by Oct. 1st

These 3 goals mean very similar things when compared to their negative version, but just by stating the positive terms which you actually want more of, you’re putting your focus on these words and meanings.  This will actually attract more of those same positive feelings and terms you’re aiming towards, back into your life, which will in turn, assist you in completing your goals.

5. Set Varied Levels To Each Goal:

In order to easily achieve every goal you set, as well as push yourself beyond what you even thought you were capable of, try setting different levels of completion for each goal.  I like to set 3 levels which I call, minimum, goal, and extreme.  For example:

My goal is increasing my income so I would write;

Minimum – I want to earn $3000 in the month of September 2010 (this should be an easily attainable level for what you are used to achieving, regardless of the amount, the minimum should be relatively easy for you to attain)

Goal – I want to earn $5000 in the month of September 2010 (this should be a bigger challenge, one that you believe you could reach, would be very impressed if you reached it, and believe you can strive towards it)

Extreme – I want to earn $10,000 in the month of September 2010 (this should be a dream level goal, something that if you achieved it, you would be absolutely astonished and blown away by your awesomeness!)

That way, you’re still feeling the gratification of successfully completing a goal, and you’re still challenging yourself to push harder and achieve more than you ever thought possible.  This works for any type of goals too, be creative!

6. Share Your Goals With Your Peers:

One way to increase the odds of successfully completing the goals you set, is to tell your friends and family your goals.  Hold yourself accountable to these peers, update them on your progress, ask for guidance if you’re struggling, and then celebrate your successes with them once they’re completed!  This alone can make a huge difference in goal completion, as for some strange reason, it can be easier to be dishonest with yourself, than with others.  Also, if your friend or family is working on a goal, offer yourself to be an accountability partner!  I’m sure they’d appreciate the support on their journey of self improvement!

7. Set Rewards

Based on the size of your goals, there should be a relative sized reward waiting for you at the finish line!  There is no better way to reinforce positive and timely action in completing your goals, than a nice juicy prize for completion.  Now I know its easy to get carried away with this so have some fun, don’t overdo it. Just let yourself relish in the successful completion of a goal you set.  For example;

- You reached your goal weight – $100 to buy a new snazzy outfit.

- You earned your financial “extreme” level goal – book a trip for you and your best friend to Las Vegas.

- You completed that huge personal project that you chose to do in your spare time – Go out for a nice dinner at your favourite restaurant, and a go to a movie.

All of these tips can help you to achieve your goals, but the most important process behind your goal setting (besides the necessity of action), from which everything in todays world started from, a dream.  Dream big dreams, set big goals!  If you want to be someone, have something, go somewhere or do something that you would never think possible for you in this lifetime….even better : ) !!  Please let me know what your goals and dreams are.  If you need an accountability partner, let me know too!  Thanks for letting me share my passion with you!  I wish you the best of luck with all your goals, and in your amazing journeys towards them!

p.s. – My newest goal is to eliminate all known sources of un-natural sugars from my diet for 2 weeks to see how I feel.  That means no sugar in my coffee, no pop or slurpees, ice cream, chocolate bars, you name it.  I have been researching lots into the affects of sugar on our bodies, which I will be sharing with you soon.

Life after holidays! 4 steps for back to normal.

Well, after nearly 2 weeks of visiting family and friends in Saskatchewan, I’m sad to say goodbye until we meet again, but I am very excited to get back into my “normal” lifestyle.  I admit that I did indulge in many things during my holidays such as; large caloric meals, tasty sugary deserts (those darn cupcakes), adult beverages, and didn’t exercise nearly as much as I normally would.

Pike Lake Adventures

Darlene's Evil Cupcakes! : )

But, the “regulated” lifestyle that I promote definitely includes a time to relax, enjoy your friends and family and celebrate your time together because hey, life’s short…it’s always important to strive towards optimum health, but there’s always a time when we can all allow for a little “backslide”, that’s okay…BUT…the key after enjoying these times, is the ability to jump back on the horse once you’ve been off of it.  Here are 4 things that I am focusing on, to help me get back into my regular, positive habits that I’ve swayed from while on holiday;

Regain a sleep schedule:

I definitely found myself staying up later, and sleeping in longer during my holidays, which is perfectly fine for time off, but I for one feel more productive when I get up with the sun or even before it, in order to get a jump start on the day. I’m striving for a full 7-8 hours of sleep, getting my exercise out of the way early, and preparing for my day.

Get back into an exercise routine:

For the first week or two back, I will be exercising for at least 30-60 minutes per day, just to help get rid of the extra pounds I acquired over the holidays, and also to get my energy and fitness levels back to where I am used to them being.

Get diet back to normal:

On holidays, I found myself consuming higher levels of sugar and empty carbs, along with less fresh fruits and vegetables.  I am immediately going back to my regular diet of lots of fruits and veggies and other foods low in fat and high in protein.  I’m not even going to consider “going out” for food for at least a week or two just to get my body back into the rhythm of healthy eating…and definitely not a sniff of alcohol for at least 1 or 2 weeks.  Any diet, good or bad can become habit, so I’m trying to break any unhealthy habits i adopted, and re-inforce my healthy ones.

Relax, and reward yourself:

For me, cold turkey has always worked best for quitting bad habits and nourishing good ones.  However, we are all human, and self-discipline can be very empowering, but without rewarding ourselves from time to time, it can be hard to feel a sense of accomplishment or pride or to even find a reason to continue depriving yourself from regular unhealthy indulgences.  Yes, the outward fruits of your labour will show eventually, but again…life is to be enjoyed!  Just remember to show yourself love, by rewarding yourself to a “treat” once in a while, and you’ll feel how easy it can be to maintain your positive growth and nurture positive habits.

So back in the saddle, I hope everyone had a great long weekend, an enjoyable first day back yesterday, and is ready to grow themselves and start enjoying your lives as much and more than you’ve ever thought possible!  I ask you to please share with me…how do you “get back in the saddle” after a vacation?!

Thanks for letting me share my passion with you!

Week 2 on the Prairies! / Exercise through activity and sport.

Hi there!  I hope you’re enjoying your final long weekend of the summer.  I’ve been having so much fun over the past 11 days and am confident that time will continue to crawl by at a snails pace, so I can enjoy every second that I have left out here.  Throughout the whole time here, I have found myself eating things and quantities of things that I normally wouldn’t, and have been consuming beverages of the adult persuasion : )  However, I have been able to stay motivated enough to get out and exercise from time to time.  Not so much running and lifting weights, but I have been finding ways to stay active and have fun.

Building projects -



Tony Robbins talks about Neuro Associative Conditioning, which basically states that in everything we do, we associate it with pain or pleasure.  Then once we’ve established that connection, we make decisions based on the pain or pleasure that may be involved with a certain task.  Many of us connect exercise with pain and discomfort, so we tend to avoid it…especially while we’re on vacation!!  If we can work on establishing a fun and pleasurable experience connection with exercise through sport and activity, we’re much more likely to do it, continue doing it, and enjoy it.

So what kinds of activities do you like to do that keeps you active?  Enjoy your long weekend, and thanks for letting me share my passion with you!

Health, and your mind.

Just how much does your mind and your thoughts effect your health?  Well, first off, will you please try this experiment for me?…

Just imagine, in your hands you hold the juiciest, biggest, yellowest lemon you’ve ever seen in your entire life.  Really visualize it and see it in your hands…feel the texture and the weight of it…Now imagine yourself cutting that juicy lemon in half, and right now…lift one of the tart lemon halves up to your mouth, give it a gentle sniff…and take a lick!…

Is your mouth watering yet?  Chances are, your saliva glands have started producing a lot more saliva than moments before reading that lemon experiment, even though there’s no actual lemon in your hands.  Similar to our exercise, do you recall Pavlov’s law, and how he trained his dog to associate a ringing bell with food, and could then make the dog salivate with no more than the ringing of a bell.

So if your mind can control your bodily functions and cause a reaction to an event, without the actual event taking place in real life…can we use that to improve our health?

Allow me to reference another scientific experiment.  Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti has done extensive research in the field of the “placebo effect”.

In a nut-shell, Dr. Benedetti’s experiments confirmed that your mind can be just as powerful towards dealing with ailments or sickness, than an actual chemically formulated antidote.  He has also done studies into the inverse of the placebo effect and that is known as the “nocebo effect”.  Basically it’s the same as the placebo effect except that its results are negative, meaning your mind can create a damaging environment inside your own body, simply through thought.

So how does this affect us?

Well, this principal works extremely well hand in hand with the law of attraction, which can lead to your benefit, or can wreak havoc.  For example; If you tell yourself and your friends or your kids, “I’m getting old”, on a regular basis, then you activate your body’s ability to create the affect within your body, that you believe to be true.  And if you continue telling yourself that you’re getting older, you will also attract more reasons to feel like you’re getting older!  You’ll sustain “old age” injuries, you’ll get sick more often, you’ll become more immobile and more uncomfortable than ever, just because you tell yourself that…So why not try this instead…

…No matter what your age or what your health and fitness conditions are, always tell yourself (as an affirmation, or a mantra) that you’re safe, young, vibrant, healthy and strong.  Tell yourself this when you feel good, also if you don’t feel 100%, and your body as well as the universe will work towards making what you say, true!

So next time you feel a sore throat coming on, or if you catch yourself saying, “I just can’t lose weight”, or if you see on TV or hear on the radio that everyone’s catching the new cold, remember!  You have the power in your mind to affect your body’s function and well-being, right now!  A positive healthy mind creates a positive healthy body!

Have you had any situations where you believe you’ve improved your physical state simply by changing your thoughts?  Did you salivate when you read about the lemon?  :)

I look forward to your feedback as always! Have an amazing week!